The company “TATI” was founded in 1962 by Mr and Mrs Jan Sr. and Christiane Vanhoutte. The company was specialised in the confection of high class children’s wear for special occasions.In 1970 the company moved to Oostnieuwkerke.

At the end of 1970’s, TATI started the production of evening-, cocktail- and weddingdresses. The new line was called TATI BIS, to make the distinction with the children’s line.

1997 was the year in which TATI was willing to sell it’s patented trademarks and to continue under a new name :
referring to OostNIeuwKerke, the village where the company is based.

Directors : Mr. Jan Jr. Vanhoutte – Mad. Dicky Vanhoutte – Mrs. Hélène Verstraete

ONI ONIK FASHION CREATIONS has 2 collections :